Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things That Annoy Me About Pinterest

Don't get me wrong.  I'm still as obsessed with Pinterest as any other college-aged girl.  I have my recipes, my crafts and my future wedding boards.  But some things really annoy me.

1.  "Pin Now, Read Later"

Maybe its just the way I use Pinterest, but I normally read or skim everything before I pin it.  Chances are if you "Pin Now" with the intentions to "Read Later," you never will actually read it.

2.  Pins with no actual links to them

The worst thing is when you find an awesome pin and click on it and it just links back to the previous pinners Pintrest account.  Whats even more frustrating is that everyone I follow on Pinterest has pinned this same exact thing, making me believe that its awesome, when in fact, its not.

3.  "Perfect breakfast for Christmas morning"

Not sure why this one annoys me, but why do you need Christmas morning for a nice breakfast?  Why can't you have "Wreath shaped" cinnamon rolls on any regular Sunday morning?

4.  People adding "I don't want to lose this pin" or "I bookmarked this site!" at the end of a pin

No shit Sherlock.  You have Pinterest so you don't lose links like this.

5.  Weddings, Babies and websites about being a teacher

This makes me want all of these things, when I really only want one out of the three (a wedding).  I really don't want to have kids for a long time and I have absolutely no ambition of being a teacher.  But, nonetheless, Pinterest makes me want to.  Why?  I don't know.

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