Monday, November 5, 2012


So, my bookcase desk is FINALLY wall mounted and functional.

And my residents have room keys, that are strewn about my desk.
I shall take you on a photo tour of my new space.

I'm still trying to figure out some good organizing tactics for this space.  Since the bookcase is so short, height wise, I can't really put binders or notebooks or tall organizers inside of it.  So for now, things are just sort of laying inside of it.

The far right cubby is for my finance things (checkbook and bank info) as well as my fancy paper.  The box holds magnetic strips that we use to label the mailbox in the mail room.  (Sorry for the dark picture.  The desk is in an oddly lit area of my room.)

The middle cubby holds index cards, my laptop sleeve as well as notebook paper and sticky labels.

The far left cubby has my "correspondence" items.  So, manila envelopes, regular envelopes and, inside the red and black box, my fancy notecards and envelopes.

I may have shown this in a previous post, but I think its just so darn cute.  I'd like to re-do it with a better frame and a sturdier mat.  And because I cut out the part of the map with Main Street USA on it, I had to make another frame.

Right now my cork boards are kinda sparse.  I have a list of girls who are co-op students, for meal plan purposes.  I also have the thank you card from the chapter.  They're so sweet.

Over here is one of the few spaces that file folders will actually fit.  I have a folder for the Ikea manuals for my furniture, a folder for manuals for items in the resident kitchen and a folder for blank house floorplans.  The letter tray holds most of my office supplies, since it used to be a black hole for papers.  I have my staplers, paper clips, push pins, Scotch tape and, my new favorite thing, washi tape.  I've used the tape to label my folders and some of my binders as well.  Its adorable and not too expensive at Target.

On the tall bookcase I put the photo board that my Alpha Gam grandmomma made for me as an initiation present.  Its got all sorts of pictures of my sister-family.

Totally unrelated from the topic of my desk, I finally caved and went and bought fall boots!

Trying on the boots at Target.
Relaxing in the boots at home.
Today's ensemble.

I absolutely love them.

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