Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Hair Confession

So, I'll be honest.  It took me the better part of 23 years to figure out how to make my hair look good.  My hair can be really frizzy, especially in times of high humidity or when I sweat a lot.  This has caused some embarrassing hairstyles

I've pretty much tried everything to alleviate the puffiness that was my hair throughout middle and high school.  Most of the time I just tried to straighten it and hope it didn't frizz.  The only problem there is that my hair is really really thin.

I've cut it short.

Big mistake of my Junior Year of High School.

I've had it look good once in High School and that was for my senior pictures where someone did my hair for me.

I've had bangs.  I personally loved them, but they wouldn't work now with what I'm doing with my hair.  Having bangs pretty much meant that I needed to straighten my hair every day.  And my hair also parts down the middle, naturally, and my bangs followed suit.  This picture was taken right after the haircut happened.

Post-Breakup Haircut

But most of the time I just tried to straighten it and hoped for the best.  Which usually turned out horribly.

College graduation.  Note the poofy, lifeless hair under the cap.

Then I read an article about how to properly care for curly hair.  It mentions not using shampoo or only using sulfate-free shampoo.  It also talks about leaving a lot of conditioner in your hair when you shower and using lots and lots of gel.

I decided, "What the hell, its summer and I'm not really going to see anyone important.  I'll give it a try."

And you know what, it worked!

I know, you're probably thinking "Ew, you quit using shampoo?  Isn't your hair super greasy?"

No.  Its really not, unless I go a few days without washing my hair.  (I'm still trying to convince my mother that this is ok.)  When my scalp needs it, I use baking soda on it.  This helps clear out any buildup.

I really only use conditioner on my hair.  I've been using Garnier Fructis "Fall Fight" since my hair also falls out a lot, in addition to being super thin.  Its actually working really well.  Less of my hair is coming out in the shower, which is great.

I've stopped using a towel on my hair and only use t-shirts.  I have old shirts I use for this purpose, but sometimes, when I haven't done laundry, I'll just use the one I changed out of before the shower.  Its a lot gentler on my hair.

I had scrunched my hair to get it curly all through my last year of High School and all through college but it has never held up very well, even with gel.  But now, I think, my hair is at its best.  And I love it.

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