Monday, October 29, 2012

My New Room

I've been majorly slacking in the Blog department.  For some reason I just really haven't had the motivation.

This past weekend was Homecoming at GT as well as the House Dedication ceremony, which kept me plenty busy in the days leading up to this weekend.  Both days went really well.  I gave lots of house tours and had so many people tell me "You look so young to be a house mother."

But the main purpose of this post is to show off my room!

 I was really excited to get curtains installed in my room.  I'm really sensitive to light, which often means I wake up super early.  Or, with the bright lights outside my room, it means I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night thinking it was morning.  These have helped significantly.  And they're pretty.

I have a HUGE closet with more storage and hanging space than I really could ever use.  This is the far right side of my closet, which has button down shirts, skirts and bins that hold my laundry soap and sweaters.

This method of organization may be changing.  I have a set of plastic drawers, that I'm in the middle of repurposing, that may be used for sweaters and skirts.  I'm really not sure, though.

This is the middle door of my closet.  Here is all of my dresses and the few skirts that have skirt hangers.  One of my laundry hampers lives in here, while the other is in the bathroom.

My bed and headboard area.  I have pictures of sorority sisters and biological sisters, along with my monogram.  Also, my lamp is classy as fuck and wears pearls.

My desk area is going to get its own post once I figure it all out.  The mounted bookcase did not stay mounted for very long, so we need to find another alternative for keeping it on the wall.  It is currently sitting on top of my two dining chairs.

I do love the squirrel (AGD's mascot), the letters I crafted a few months ago and the picture of Jim and I.

This is one of my favorite shelves in my bookcase.  I love the fun binders (I'm working on making more) and the box that my second AGD kiddo, Cassie, made for me.  The lighting makes it look like it says "Aliso" but there is an "n" in there, I promise.  The shelf below is pictures of my best friends and I.

I'll be much happier, and productive, once I get my desk fully mounted.

For my birthday I had received a WalMart gift card.  I knew that for my job I'd be making a ton of lists. I wanted a specific notebook and pens for said lists.  I think I'll have a separate post about that as well.  But, I've been much more organized, which is fantastic.

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