Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Future Bedroom Furniture. AKA: My Ikea Obsession

So, I've posted about what things I've crafted, or want to craft, for my new room.  I've also posted about the house.  Now, I'm going to post about the furniture that will be going in my room.

Before Labor Day, the House Association President and I went to Ikea!  I had never been to an Ikea before, and the fact that I only had two hours in there made me very sad.  I seriously want an Ikea furnished house.

Anyways, we were looking for a bed, dresser, table, chairs and loveseat.  A desk was on the list, but due to the budget we are forgoing that for now.

HA Pres had suggested a bed that had a padded headboard that you could lean up against.  I thought that was a pretty cool idea.  But I had also been thinking about the limited space that is in my sleeping area.  I knew that we potentially had to fit a full size bed, dresser, end table(s) and in the future, a desk.  Granted, the closets are a decent size and I was planning on putting my dresser in there, thats still a lot of furniture for such a small space.  I ended up finding the perfect solution.

 This bed has 2 drawers on each side.  The headboard also has bookshelves and a mantle-like shelf as well.  Perfect for a small space.  It also means that we wouldn't need to get a very large dresser.
This is the dresser that is in the same "series" as the bed.  Perfect size.

Sine my room will have a kitchenette I will have a small table and two chairs to go in there.

The ends of the table slide under the middle to save space.  Its fantastic.

In my living area they also wanted to have a loveseat for me.  While in the store I had to go lay down on all of the couches to test their potential "nap-ability."  HA Pres thought that was hilarious.

This is the loveseat we ended up picking out.  HA Pres also talked about wanting to have a bookshelf or some other storage for the living area.  Only we knew we were running low on floor space.

I present to you, our solution to the problem.

I absolutely LOVE this bookshelf and the fact that it utilizes wall space and not floor space.  My loveseat will fit perfectly underneath this.

I promise that there will be a blog post about my adventures in assembling all of this wonderful furniture.

When Jim came to visit me we spent almost an entire day at Ikea.  We looked at furniture that we would like to have in a future house together.  We both decided that we would be ok with a small house as long as it could be like the model "houses" in the Ikea showroom.

I ended up getting some dishes, glasses, dish towels, a dust pan and brush, toilet brush and some other things.  All for under $40.  Winning.

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