Friday, September 28, 2012

The Biggest Disappointment of the Past 3 Months

So, I had a meeting on Wednesday, when we thought we were going to be getting the Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.).  What we got instead was news that we can not move in this weekend and that the exact move-in date is still up in the air.

Up until Tuesday we thought that everything was going great with the house and that we'd be moving in this Sunday.  Apparently the phone and gas lines had not been installed/connected when they said they had been.  This means that 6 inspections that are crucial to getting the C.O. could not happen as scheduled.  The most difficult inspection is going to be the elevator since that inspector comes from the state and may take a week or two or more to have time to come here.

Thankfully we have been given 1 more week at the apartments we've been in for the past month.  But if the house isn't ready by October 8, the date we must move out, then we are in trouble.

Wednesday afternoon I spent about 2 hours with the Property Coordinator, President, Vice President Finance and Vice President Member Development working out how we were going to tell the chapter this news at their meeting that evening.  The news was not well received but I think it could have gone down worse than it did.

After spending Wednesday keeping all my emotions in check, Thursday I was really upset.  Like I didn't want to eat and I just kept crying every 5-10 minutes.  I really don't like my living situation at all right now.  I'm living with 3 other girls that I don't know.  I have nothing to do unless they need me for house things or meetings.  I'm lonely and was looking forward to finally moving in.  I know these girls have been waiting for months for this house.  But right now I am actually jealous that they have classes and labs and other organizations and jobs.  It gives them other things to focus on other than the fact that we are not moving in on time.  Yesterday, thats all I could dwell on.

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