Friday, September 14, 2012

A Return to Crafting and Pictures of my Future Home

So, since I've moved I have fallen into a crafting slump.  But I did manage to get back into it yesterday. I took the idea from the blog Lemon Jitters and jazzed up my makeup brushes.  Here is what hers look like.
Her tutorial uses a brush that easily comes apart.  Mine, however, did not.  I only had one that came apart and I had a horrible time trying to get it put back together.

Here is how mine turned out.

They're not as finished on the tops.  And its hard to see it in these pictures, but the brushes were black and it sort of shows through the white flowers.  Now that I think about it, I should have used coordinating fabric to my magnetic makeup board that I had previously blogged about.  The black wouldn't have shown through as much.  Nonetheless, I still love these brushes.  I've thought about finishing the tops of them more, but right now, they're pretty good.

Yesterday I also went and saw the house!  I've been going to the house at least once a week for the weekly construction meeting.  I also stopped by on Tuesday (my birthday!) for a meeting with the potential maids.  But yesterday I took a ton of pictures, for this blog and to share on the House Association Facebook page.

 These are the closet organizers in the residents bedroom.  They can move the shelves around as they wish.  The rooms on the 4th floor are the biggest, with 8 girls living on that floor.  The 3rd and 2nd floors have 20 residents each.  All of the rooms are double rooms with two rooms sharing a bathroom.  The bedrooms are supposed to be getting their final coats of paint and carpet in the next few days.
 This is the view of the Grad Staircase from the 4th floor.  The wood on the railings and stairs is unfinished now and will be getting stained this weekend.  The spindles are staying white.
 This is the 3rd floor study room.  The pink is just primer.  The room is actually going to be red.

 This is the 3rd floor laundry room, which looks identical to the 2nd floor laundry room.
 This is the 3rd floor porch, which looks the same as the 2nd floor porch.
 This is the 2nd floor study room.  I absolutely love the color of this room.
 This is the Grand Staircase from the entryway of the house.  On the wall to the left will be the wall of donors who made the house possible.  There is paneling on the bottom of the walls that will be painted white.
 These cabinets are in the parlor and the Great Room.  There are little beads around the trim that sort of look like pearls.
 The fireplace and shelves in the Parlor have been installed!
 Next thing is the mantle.  A large copy of the Purpose is going to hang above the fireplace.  The bookshelves are going to be filled with books that are donated by the collegians and alumnae.  The donor of the parlor wants them to be books that have inspired the reader.  I'm still trying to figure out what book I'm donating.
 This is the Resident Kitchen.  Since we don't have meal plan on the weekends, this is where we can whip up a batch of mac and cheese or bake cookies.  The cabinets are done and the appliances, countertops and flooring get installed this upcoming week.
 The Great Room still needs the most work, by far.  The fireplace, shelves and cupboards are in and look great.  However, the concrete floors have not "cured" enough.  Meaning that there is still too much moisture in the floors to install the hardwood floors.
 The meal plan kitchen is coming along.  The sinks, grill, stove and serving buffets have been delivered.  Meal Plan is scheduled to start the monday after we move in.
This is the sign on the front of the house.  Its elegant but not super flashy.

Where is the picture of my room you ask?  Well, currently my room has been the primary entry to the house and has also been used to store a lot of boxes.  So, it really doesn't look as finished as the rest of the house.  The basement rooms are going to be the last to be finished.  We just have to keep reminding the workers that my room needs to be as finished as the residents rooms.

The Atlanta Alumnae Chapter is doing a tour of the house on Sunday.  I'll probably get to lead tours since I've been at the house so much in the past few weeks.

We are scheduled to get the Certificate of Occupancy on September 26 and then we can start moving chapter items, resident furniture and my belongings into the house.  The girls move in on September 30th.  I will move in soon after we get the C.O to start assembling my Ikea furniture.  All the pictures of my furniture will be another post itself.

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