Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Best News Ever!

So, I had a meeting with house people yesterday and we get to move into the house this weekend!!!!

Home sweet home!

Hopefully the final inspection will be done today, if not it will be done tomorrow.  The elevator gets inspected tomorrow and then we get the Certificate of Occupancy.

My furniture arrives sometime tomorrow between 10-2 and then I get to try to assemble it all.  Thankfully some people have offered to help me get it all put together.

Once we have the C.O. girls can start moving small things into their rooms.  Their Big-Little Reveal will also likely be at the house on Friday night.  Friday-Sunday the bedroom furniture will be delivered and assembled.  Things that were in storage from the old house gets delivered on Saturday morning.

Saturday night will be the first night the girls and I can sleep in the house.  The rest of the girls stuff will be brought over by U-Haul on Sunday.  Meal Plan begins on Monday!

The chapter got to see the house yesterday.  It was probably one of the best moments I've had since I've been here.  Everyone was so excited they just ran around the house looking at everything.

My room is finished and I have hardwood floors in the kitchen area of my room!  It looks so nice.  I can't wait to get everything in there.

My sink, counter and cupboards.  I'll have a fridge in there too.

A horrible picture of my room.  Under the plastic is hardwood floors.

The Great Room.  Its HUGE!  

The resident kitchen.  I love the color of the walls.

Fridge and double ovens in the resident kitchen.

Dishwashers in the resident kitchen.
The front door.  A nice, cheery yellow.

That all the good news I have for now.  I've got to get packing and cleaning!

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