Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So, the house is still making good progress.  The fire inspection happens today, HVAC was yesterday and today, health inspection tomorrow.  I would feel a lot better about the progress if we knew when the elevator inspection was happening.

Tomorrow the chapter gets to see the house in its 99.9% finished state (minus the furniture).  I'm glad they're getting to see it.  Hopefully it will make them feel better.  I feel like they felt that the house wasn't close to being finished, when in reality it was just inspections that we are waiting on.

I can't wait to move in and start organizing and decorating my room.  The past 6 days I've literally done nothing.  I have zero motivation to do anything.  I have found that I am more motivated when I have other people around me.  A variety in food is also something that I am looking forward to.  I also really miss cooking and baking, something I don't have the money or tools to do in this sorry excuse for an apartment.

In nicer news: Less than 2 weeks until I'm going back to Michigan!

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