Friday, October 19, 2012

The Chaos of a New House

So, I've fallen off the blogging train for a while.  But I have good reasoning for it.  We finally moved into the house!  And then I went to Michigan for 5 days.

I thought that move-in weekend was going to be hectic and chaotic.  But it sort of just ran itself.  I assembled Ikea furniture all weekend and everything was fine.  Well, no, assembling Ikea furniture was not fine, but thats for another post.

The Friday night of move-in weekend the girls brought small things over and also had their big-little reveal!  The littles get one end of a string and have to follow it through the house to find their bigs.  Its adorable and crazy.  My furniture was also delivered that day, and I found out that you do need your own tools to assemble everything.

Standing in the front doorway, the house tangled in string!
Saturday of move-in weekend the PODS were unloaded and officers brought over their things.  It was a lot of organizing by alumnae and Exec officers.  I was just happy to get a toolbox so I could start assembling furniture.  I also got checked out of the hell-hole that is WestMar Student Lofts.  One of the best moments of my time here so far.  Saturday night was my first night in the house, but I didn't get to sleep until the furniture delivery people left at 11 pm.  What they were doing still assembling furniture at 11 pm is beyond me.  All I had was a mattress on the floor and windows with no curtains.  Needless to say, it was NOT my best nights sleep.

Sunday the architects brought us bagels and orange juice.  Honey Almond Cream Cheese from Einstein Brothers is the BEST thing ever.  I'm seriously considering going and buying some this weekend.  We ate breakfast and then I resumed assembling furniture.  HA President's husband helped me assemble my bed and headboard.  Having an actual bed for my second night was wonderful.

Monday was the first real day in the house.  It was also the first day of Meal Plan.  Casey, our chef is wonderful and everything he cooks has been delicious so far.  My first 4 days of "work" basically consisted of trying to assemble more furniture and getting interrupted by maintenance people who needed to be escorted through the house.  It was busy but worth it when Friday rolled around.

Friday morning I got to go to Michigan!  I left at 6 to head to the MARTA station to take the rail/train/subway thing to the airport.  I ended up being about 2 hours early to the airport.  After some delays I finally landed in Flint where Jim picked me up.  I got to see a ton of AGD sisters, Zeta brothers and sisters, the Kiltie Marching Band, Kim, Kyle and Bambi, Matt, Jim's parents and of course Jim.  The worst part of the trip was catching the "Alma Plague" that everyone in Alma seemed to be sick with.  I got the worst of it on Tuesday when I was about to travel back to Atlanta.  Traveling while having a cold is horrible, but at least the two seats next to me on the plane were empty and I could spread out a bit.

The past two days I've just been recovering from my cold.  My parents and Emily also visited me yesterday, after they were done in Charleston, SC.  It was great to see them and they absolutely loved the house.

Today I got my "desk" mounted to the wall as well as 1 of my 2 sets of curtains hung.  I spent the afternoon just organizing and decorating my room.  Lovely.

Initiations is tonight!  YAY to the 44 new members of Alpha Gamma Delta.

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