Monday, June 11, 2012

What I've Been Doing Since I Became A Big Kid (AKA Graduated)

So, I really envy those who are still in college.  Lots of people I knew were so anxious to get out of undergrad and "begin their lives" or something else equally as ridiculous.  But I didn't!  Maybe it was because I changed my major when I was a junior and that there were still so many classes I wanted to take.  But it was likely because I still didn't know what was happening with my life.

Not knowing what my future holds is very scary for me.  High school and college were nice because I knew I had fall semester, break. winter semester, break. sometimes a Spring Term, summer.  Repeat.  But now, I'm not even sure what I'm going to be doing in 10 minutes, let alone next week or next month.  I do not like this.

So, what have I been doing since I was forced to grow up?  A whole lot of nothing.  Lots of waiting for grad school to get their budget down to see if I can go.  Applying for lots of jobs that I'm "technically" qualified for but that more qualified people are also applying for.

For the first week or two of living at Jim's after graduation I tried to do the whole homemaker/housewife thing.  I was sick of it after 2 days.  Cleaning and cooking all day does not suit me.  But luckily, Jim has Netflix.  So, I proceeded to watch the entire series of "Greek."  Now, I am slowly making my way through all 12 seasons of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit."  I used to think there was a limit of how much scripted rape-homicides a person could watch in a day.  I was wrong.

I've also become addicted to Pinterest.  I've gotten a lot of delicious recipes from there that we have really enjoyed.  I have also been planning my nonexistent wedding and finding myself a collection of clothes that I will never have.  But the best part is all of the Do-It-Yourself craft projects.  Most of which I either lack the skill, money or practicality to do.  But, there will be another post entirely about that.

So, thats a lot of what I've been doing since graduation.  Super exciting, isn't it?

Things I want to Accomplish Today

-Start "The Lost Symbol."  I checked it out from the library on Thursday and still haven't gotten around to reading it yet, even though its one of my favorites.
- Make the bow tank-top that I think I can actually make
- Attempt to make a "workout" shirt (I don't really do any sort of workout, but I think the style of the shirt looks cool.  And I have a shirt I don't really care about)

We'll see if these actually happen today.

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