Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I Can't Be Crafty/Crafts I Want to do but Can't

So, I had an epic craft fail yesterday with the ribbon tank top.  Turns out you have to sew the ribbon on to the shirt.  And I don't know how to sew.  And the all the cuts that I made in the fabric look super jank.  But on the bright side, the "workout" shirt came out very well.

Today I'm going to talk about why I can't be as crafty as I want to right now.  It has to do with my house. See, we're currently renting our house which means that we can't paint any of the walls.  This poses a huge problem for me.  I like it when all of my room's decor is coordinated.  And right now my rooms are anything but that.

I really want to do things like this

or like this

Or this!

But, since my rooms don't match at all, I don't know what colors to paint things. 

Another problem is that we could be moving sometime soon, into a new house/apartment with the potential to completely change the way we decorate.  I've pretty much planned out what color schemes I want in each room of my new house when we can paint/decorate as we wish.

So, for now I'm stuck lusting after these cool home decor projects while not being able to do them.  Which sucks because I'm actually not too bad at spray painting, which is what most of these projects require.

In terms of other crafts, I can't sew, knit, crochet or anything else like that.  So if it requires the least amount of sewing, its not for me.  I also tend to over-estimate the amount of creativity/talent that I actually have.

I wanted to use old wine bottles for rice storage.  Kind of like this.

Only my idea was to paint them white, write the type of rice on the front and the cooking directions on the back.  I also wanted to just freehand paint some of the extra bottles.

What I ended up with was a mess.  I put my hand in paint and completely ruined one bottle.  My blue paint pen started leaking super watery paint everywhere.  It was disastrous.

I shall post photos when I do my "Craft Fail" post.  

What am I good at you ask?

I'm a bamf at covering things in fabric.

Like this water bottle I made last summer.  I then proceeded to make some for everyone in the colorguard.

Or these, which I also made last summer, for my pseudo-kid, Sam.

I've also been doing shoe boxes and other things like that.  Mod Podge is my best friend.

But, really, my crafting abilities are not as good as I think they are.  And this causes problems.  Problems that are very entertaining to watch.

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