Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why my Kitchen Frustrates Me to No End

So, throughout my senior year, I pretty much lived at Jim's house.  Now I officially live at Jim's house.  And the one thing that has angered me the entire time is the kitchen.

I really like to bake and cook.  Or at least try.  But it is very hard when you lack sufficient counter space to do the cooking and baking on.

This is pretty much all of the counter space that I have to work with.  See the problem?

Before I brought over more storage from my dorm room to the house, I had to do most of my baking and cooking prep on the kitchen table.  After I acquired a stand mixer, that also lived on the kitchen table.

 The dishwasher?  It is "technically" a dishwasher.  However, the dishes come out dirtier than before and more than half need to be rewashed by hand.  Therefore, it is now a glorified dish drying rack.  Those black cubes?  Most of the stuff that is in there now was currently on the cart in the picture below.
 Now my stand mixer has a home!  YAY!  Along with all of my baking supplies, which are in the white canisters with the chalkboard lids.
The red wall is another big pet peeve.  You can't see it very well, but the paint job is truly horrible.  You can see roller and brush marks.  And those 4 white squares?  There had been something hanging on the wall there before Jim moved in ant they just didn't bother to paint around the screws/nails.

I sit and eat my breakfast and scowl at that wall every morning.

But the good news is, the landlord is trying to sell the house and has given us permission to repaint the kitchen!  And by repaint, I mean repaint the hideous red wall.

The counter space solution isn't perfect.  My parents have my dream kitchen, with tons of cabinet and counter space

This is my mom's kitchen and I want it.

But, considering its just Jim and I, I guess I can live with the kitchen I have for the time being.

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