Monday, July 30, 2012

The Packing and Crafting Continues

So, first things first, I upgraded to an iPhone.  I love it!  My old phone's keyboard was starting to fail.  I either had to push the key 5 times in order to get the letter to work or I'd press it once and get 3 of the same letter.  The backspace and space bar didn't work well either.  I send some pretty interesting texts.  But now everything is ok.  AND, I can take pictures of things for my blog on my phone and they will instantly show up on my laptop.  Fantastic.

I've been continuing to pack like crazy.  Finding lots of things to get rid of or donate.  But now I'm in the rut where a lot of the stuff I still need to pack I need for the next week.  This results in our house being a mess.  Our landlord is trying to sell the house and I hope that no one wants to come see the house in the next week and a half.

I've also been watching the Olympic coverage on NBC, because we don't get any other channels, like its my job.  I'm being incredibly lazy, but the Olympics only happens every 2 years.

We also got rid of my old car.  I had a 1998 Chrysler Concorde with over 200,000 miles and a dead battery.  It would have cost more to fix it than we would have gotten to sell it, so we decided to donate it.  They came and picked it up on Thursday.  In Kentucky, with my parents, I have a 2009 Chevy Cobalt waiting for me.  We get to see how it handles the mountains of Tennessee on my drive to Atlanta.

And last, but not least, I have been crafting!  Some of it more successful than others.  I had my first attempt with spray adhesive.  I ended up with my hands covered in it and being afraid to touch everything.  Didn't help that I was home alone and afraid of turning on the water for fear of getting stuck to the faucet.  I eventually got it all figured out and have not gotten stuck to any more household items.

And now, I present, my craft pictures!
This is the squirrel painting that I had talked about in the last post.  I'm still debating about adding an acorn in yellow paint and glitter in the bottom left corner.

This is one of the few craft successes I've had from Pinterest!  Getting the fabric in the corners of the cookie sheet was a little tricky, but it still came out ok.  I have a scrap of blue ribbon left over and I'm going to make a bow to put on the top of the pan.  I also realized that I need a ton of new makeup.  Theres stuff that I threw out that should have been tossed years ago.

These two beauties are some of my favorite binders I've ever done.  The tutorial says to cover the entire inside with fabric to cover up any uneven cutting/gluing.  But I like using the pockets of my binders, so I got creative.  And a fabric quarter from Wal-Mart/JoAnn Fabrics is the perfect size for binders 1" or less, without covering the inside.

This is the rainbow binder and the side pieces were perfectly even, so I just needed to adjust the top and bottom.  I figured that some ribbon would be the perfect way to do so.

This is my all time favorite.  The pockets needed some repair with duct tape before the fabric, and it didn't turn out too well.  Its really puffy, which is good if I need to put a ton of papers in the pockets.  But the top edge came out really well.  So I decided to cover the pockets with the leftover fabric and it came out wonderful!

I have two more binders that I want to do.  The yellow fabric has white/paler yellow swirls on it and the orange has little white circles.  This is proof that I need to re-iron everything.

I have decided to not use spray adhesive while home alone, so these binders may have to wait a bit.

Jim and I have begun to plan my farewell celebrations.  On Friday we're meeting Alma friends at the Pub for dinner and drinks.  The fried pickles at Bravehearts are to DIE for.  On Saturday we're going to go visit Kim and Kyle (And their Corgi, Bambi) at their house in Livonia.  Wednesday is Kim's birthday, so its a Birthday-Going Away party for the two of us.

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