Monday, July 2, 2012

Why I Hate Looking for a Job

So, there hasn't really been anything blog-worthy happening in my life.  I still haven't heard back about the Resident Supervisor (House Mom) job.  Life is pretty boring.

I've contemplated looking/applying for more jobs.  But the thought of that makes me very frustrated.

Since all of the jobs I'm applying for are at colleges/universities, 99% of them use an online application system.

This means that you create a username/password, fill out all your personal information, re-type your resume and references, then upload your resume, references and cover letter.

Yes, I have re-typed (aka, copy and pasted awkwardly) my resume over 100 times.  This wouldn't be so bad if each section didn't have its own bar to type in.  So I have to copy/paste/type my reference's first name, then the last name, then the place of employment, then the relationship, then the e-mail, then the phone number.  All individually.  Its a lot of work.  And it sucks.

I'm also competing with people who have a Masters for these entry level jobs.  "Bachelor's required, Master's preferred" pretty much means "Masters Required" or "If you don't have a Masters, we're just going to pass."  I haven't even gotten one interview.

I keep seeing all these amazing jobs on HigherEdJobs that I would LOVE to do and think I would be really good at.  But theres only so much an awesome cover letter can do for you when you don't have your Masters.

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