Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Can Finally Begin Crafting!

So, if you may remember from an earlier post, I was stuck in a crafty/decorating rut.  Well, now is the time that I am able to break out of it.  Since I'm going to be moving into the Alpha Gamma Delta house at Georgia Tech to begin my Resident Supervisor job, I will have a room to myself that I can decorate however I desire.  I have dedicated an entire pin-board on Pinterest to ideas for my new room.

Here are some of my ideas, with pictures from Pinterest.

First things first, I am required to have a binder for information about contractors/staff/maintenance people.  Second thing, I also LOVE school and office supplies.  I have decorated a few binders already using the technique found here, minus the nameplates.  Its super easy once you get the hang of it.  I made two for Jim and I, one for grocery things like coupons, receipts to track our spending, and grocery lists and another one for bills/semi-important documents.  I just need to get some spray adhesive and I'll be all set to make myself a few of these.

I also want to make a binder that will have reference sheets about each resident.  I want each sheet to have things like medical info, insurance, emergency contacts, etc.

Since I'm going to be moving away from my boyfriend, I'm obviously going to want pictures of us.  I really like this idea, but with a picture of us from Disney World and the Magic Kingdom Map'

I think this is so cute and would be perfect to hang on my door.
I will admit that I am guilty of having way too much makeup and forgetting about 90% of it.  Hopefully this magnetic makeup board will help me not do that.

Bobby Pins are the bane of my existence.  Hopefully I can keep them somewhat under control.  If only I had thought of something like this while living at home.  My father HATES bobby pins.

This is actually one of my projects for today.  I bought the vases this past weekend at Kim's wedding with the intention of decorating them.

I have partially finished one project so far.  I painted a canvas pink and then painted on a squirrel in yellow paint (The squirrel is AGD's mascot) and hot glued a green bow onto it.  I'm thinking of adding a yellow acorn in the bottom corner of the canvas.  I'll take pictures once its done.

I have so many more projects to do, so if you want to see what I have in store for my new room you can follow me on Pinterest!

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